Shot Mechanics & Hoop Diaries Interview with Coach Thomas Wilkins

Shot Mechanics

Shot Mechanics & Hoop Diaries Interview with Coach Thomas Wilkins

Coach Collin Castellaw interviews me for the Hoop Diaries and Shot Mechanics podcast.  This was a lot of fun!  I really enjoyed talk to Coach Collin as he shares my passion for basketball!

During the interview you will learn about my background on Tobacco Road as well as some great tips to help you improve your basketball game.

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“You are your only opponent”

Coach Thomas Wilkins

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I am passionate about living T.he S.marter W.ay which to me means having the freedom to live life as you see fit and simultaneously improving your community. I also love basketball, Go Heels! If it has to do with small business & entrepreneurship you can count me in. I'm married to the love of my life and we are dedicated to making memorable moments together. In general I am truly blessed!

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