Stat Sat: Rebounding Rate

Stat Sat: Rebounding Rate
Stat Sat: Rebounding Rate


Stat Sat is a post about the statistics you should be using to evaluate your basketball game. Today’s stat is rebounding rate.

Rebounding rate is the number of rebounds a team gets compared to the number of opportunities that exist. Why is this better than total rebounds? Well you could have Alex who grabs 5 rebounds off 10 missed shots, which is a 50% rebounding rate. You could also have Brennan who grabs 10 rebounds off 50 missed shots, which is about a 20% rebound rate. We will usually applaud Brennan for the double digit rebounding effort and ignore Alex’s performance. When you look at rebounding rate though it tells us Alex actually did a better job of maximizing the rebounding opportunities. How amazing? The all- time leading rebounding rate percentage in the NBA is held by Dennis Rodman at 23%. That would be double the all-time rate. Crazy right?

Who are the best teams when it comes to rebound rate?

2013 – 14 Best NBA Rebounding Rate Teams
As of 2/1/2014
1. Indiana Pacers 52.1%
2. Minnesota Timberwolves 52%
3. Memphis Grizzlies 52%
4. Chicago Bulls 51.9%
5. Portland Trailblazers 51.8%
6. Houston Rockets 51.8%
7. Detroit Pistons 51.8%

2013-14 Best NCAA Division 1 Rebounding Rate Teams
As of 2/1/2014
1. Indiana 57.5%
2. Quinnipiac 57.5%
3. Kentucky 57.2%
4. Arizona 57.1%
5. UAB 56.6%
6. Tennessee 56.6%

So start using rebounding rate to help you identify the best rebounders on your team as opposed to just total rebounds.

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