Mindset Mondays: Your Dreams Should Scare You

Mindset Mondays Your Dreams Should Scare You

Mindset Mondays: Your Dreams Should Scare You

Fear is a natural emotion that often comes from the need to survive.  Your dreams should be so big; they should be so huge that they intimidate you.  They should make you  feel like they are just outside of your reach.  They should make you question whether or not you can accomplish them.  This fear, whether you fear success or failure, should sit in the pit of your stomach.  When it does then you are ready to accomplish something great.  It is this type of situation that often awakens the courageous giant inside of all of us.

When you start to question your ability you tend to work a little harder.  When you feel like the task in front of you requires a tremendous amount of effort and a laser focus you tend to lock in on the tasks and activities that will allow you the best chance to compete.

Your dreams need to be so big that they inspire you to do something unconventional, something radical to achieve your goal.  They should inspire the kind of courage that makes you take a step forward without seeing what is in front of you.

The winningest coach in college sports history, Paul Assaiante, talks about how you have to “run to the roar” and face your fear in order to succeed at the highest level (PS you have to read his book here).  He says this because often times lions will send the weakest lions opposite the strongest lions and roar at the antelope in the wild.  The antelope hear the roar and run away from it, into the teeth of the strongest lions.  What the antelope should do is run towards the roar where they would find the weaker lions, who would be easier to out run.  And they would have a head start on the strong lions!

Some times we run from those things that we fear and we wind up in a worse situation.  You have to attack your fears head on, as you will usually discover you have built them to be larger than they actually are.

Dream big, work hard and destroy your fears!

“You are your only opponent”

Coach Thomas Wilkins

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