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I wrote How to Coach Basketball: 5 Actions You Must Take to Improve Your Basketball Team for any coach that wants to get better.  I do not claim to have all of the answers.  I do think my experience around some great basketball coaches and players coupled with my own personal coaching experiences combine to make some knowledge worth sharing.  Use this as a guide as we all work to push the culture of the greatest sport in the world forward.

In this book the 5 actions every coach should take to improve their basketball team is discussed.  Those 5 actions a coach must take are:

#1 Be the leader

In this section I’ll provide you with an exercise that will show you how to identify your strengths and areas of opportunity.  Then I’ll give you some actionable steps to maximize your strengths and improve in the areas of opportunity.

#2 Define Reality

In this section I’ll provide you with methods to help you build the type of culture you want in your basketball program.  I have some systems that can help you establish your team culture whether it is a new team or a team coming back together for a new season.

#3 Emphasize Fundamentals

In this section I’ll provide you with the two most important things you can do to build a fundamentally sound basketball team.

#4 Know Your Style

In this section I’ll provide you with guidance about how to define your coaching and playing style.  This is a critical exercise that I walk you through because it will really help you design a basketball team and program in your image.

#5 Know Your Players

In this section I describe three ways for you to get to know your players in more depth.  The system involves laying the groundwork, setting expectations and setting goals with each of your players.

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