5 Actions You Must Take to Improve Your Team: eBook Release

Here is the cover to the How to Coach Basketball ebook.
Here is the cover to the How to Coach Basketball ebook.

The time is upon us!  The first book in the How to Coach Basketball series is releasing on August 7, 2014!

I wrote this for any coach that wants to get better.  I do not claim to have all of the answers.  I do think my experience around some great basketball coaches and players coupled with my own personal coaching experiences combine to make some knowledge worth sharing.  Use this as a guide as we all work to push the culture of the greatest sport in the world forward.

In this book the 5 actions every coach should take to improve their basketball team are discussed.  Those 5 actions a coach must take are:

#1 Be the leader

#2 Define Reality

#3 Emphasize Fundamentals

#4 Know Your Style

#5 Know Your Players

Get your copy of the eBook here: 5 Things to make your team better

You Are Your Only Opponent

Coach Thomas Wilkins

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